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By Published On: 16 July 2023

Client Overview

Our client is a global data and evidence-based agency providing insights and actionable recommendations to their clients, worldwide. They operate in over 200 countries, in 90 markets and and have over 25,000 staff.

Business Challenge

Our clients requirement was to in-source their Service Integration and Management (SIAM) capabilities as part of review of the Service and Operating Model.  Blueprint aimed at improving support to the business and underpin a transformation programme of works.

The challenges were:

  • A 6-week timeline to deliver the required model to meet a business planning timeline/decision point.
  • Existing services provided by its ex-parent company via a service agreement.
  • Service levels did not meet need or expectation.
  • Significant variances in Service quality, standards, and cost globally with those variances driven by geography, supplier, and business stream.
  • The client wanted to adopt a SIAM model and needed to validate this.
  • The sourcing decision was unclear with the client opting for an insourced model.
  • The client did not have the required capabilities to design and implement a SIAM model or have the required ITSM capabilities to implement an alternative.

Harrison’s  Solution

Harrison has significant experience in SIAM/ ITSM and deployed three Senior consultants all of whom have 20 plus years experience of making major IT operating model change.

Step 1 – Initial Engagement & Pre-Work

  • Understanding Business Drivers – Overall strategy, vision, objectives and market challenges.
  • Understanding Service Drivers – Performance, cost, quality and stakeholders.
  • High Level Current & Target Operating Model – Capabilities, services, organisation, suppliers and technology.

Step 2 – Workshops & Discovery

  • Target Operating Model – Production of “strawman” model to review with the client. Agile design sprints with the client to refine the design.
  • Frameworks – Review of the use of Best Practice frameworks that supported the TOM.
  • Capability – Design of all the capabilities aligned to the Best Practice frameworks from Level 0 to Level 2 complexity.
  • Organisation – Design of organisational structure and job roles.
  • Sourcing – Review of sourcing options aligned to the TOM.

Step 3 – Analysis & Proposal

The Harrison team working with the clients IT Senior Leadership Team produced a suite of artefacts that provided the required information to inform a business case / decision.


  • High Level SIAM Design – Current to Target Model Capability diagrams and supporting detail to be able to visualise the IT Service Enterprise.
  • Organisation Design -Current to Target Model organisation map to set out the “people” change required to achieve the target state, supported by Role. definitions. An enterprise RACI was also developed to demonstrate the accountabilities across the IT Enterprise.
  • Governance Framework Model -Current to Target Model Governance owners, forums, schedules and reporting defined.
  • Service Alignment to Service Providers – Model to show Service Grouping with Supplier Types.
  • ITSM Tooling Architecture – A best of breed ITSM architecture with the clients primary ITSM tool (ServiceNow) at the heart of the design.
  • High Level Road Map – The client selected and we supported an incremental and purposeful change to target state developing maturity as they new model was implemented.

Key Decisions

Adoption of a Hybrid SIAM Model would be the most effective with an external supplier providing the “commodity” SIAM integrator role. The client providing the internal SIAM “High Value Direction/Assurance” role.
The change should not be a big bang and that an iterative change over a 3-4 years to achieve target state and the desired maturity level would be the most effective.
Adoption of a Hybrid SIAM Model would be the most effective with an external supplier providing the “commodity” SIAM integrator role. The client providing the internal SIAM “High Value Direction/Assurance” role.


  • Delivered a high-level IT Operating Model in 6 weeks with a roadmap enabling strategic decisions to be made.
  • Developed a Target Operating Model that significantly reduced IT Operating spend in line with the strategic goals.
  • Developed the understanding with the IT Leadership Team of SIAM and other IT Frameworks to establish a best fit for the client.
  • Improvement in IT resource productivity with the introduction of ITIL aligned workflows and processes to ensure that the right people are working on the right thing, at the right time.
  • Introduced Best Practice Models that were “best fit” for the organisational goals of the client.
  • Introduced elements of Agile aligning to the desired business way of working.

“I recently worked with the Harrison team to scope and define a new bespoke SIAM capability within my new organisation. The team helped me build a broader understanding of my environment and developed a strategic multi-year approach to deploying SIAM practices / capabilities in very short time frame. Throughout the engagement I was impressed by the knowledge and expertise the team showed and how engaging it was to work with them.”

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