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IT Management Consulting

IT Management Consulting

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IT Management Consultancy

When you are embarking on major change and need support from experienced and certified experts, Harrison’s IT consulting can support you with the right capabilities when you need them to support your transformations, outsourcing, insourcing, service introductions, acquisition, mergers, etc.

ITIL / CMMI Maturity Assessments

Understanding and baselining the current state of your ITSM maturity is critical to defining any improvement or change activity. Harrison can offer a number of packages to support you in assessing, understanding and defining improvement options by providing the right sized maturity assessment.

PPB (Pre Paid Block)

Pre-pay for chunks of IT consulting time for a discounted rate of consultancy services monthly burn tracker, time does not expire, the more you buy the greater the discount.


Pre-built, pre-planned “ITOM lite” for the lower than enterprise organisation that needs to cover the breadth but not at the depth that the enterprise would go. Ideally suited to medium-large companies who have outgrown the current model.

IT Transformation

We recognise that an “IT Transformation” requires significant shifts in how your organisation currently operates. We can support the changes to service, technology, capabilities and organisation; enabling your strategic goals. We provide the specialism and experience to work alongside your organisation from strategy development through to successful delivery.

IT Service Sourcing

Inform the sourcing decision-making process, help design and implement to sourcing options (insource, outsource, multi-source, etc).

Outsourcing Services

Work with you to build the business case to outsource, build the requirements, run the PQQ and RFP on your behalf and help you then select the right-fit partner and implement the right-sized governance model to assure the outsourced agreement.

CIO Services

For organisations who need expert support with developing an effective IT strategy. Working with your senior Business and IT leaders we can help align IT services with the business strategy. This can be provided for a specific need, as an ongoing service , to identify and onboard a new CIO or to support an existing CIO.