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SIAM Consultancy Service

Work with the retained organisation to develop the business case to either implement or improve a SIAM eco system.

Option A: Outsourced SIAM


  • It shifts multi-supplier performance risks away from the IT organisation while making the SIAM provider accountable and responsible
  • The SIAM provider can be made to comply to financial and performance expectations in line with agreed statements of work including the
    stated performance service level agreements
  • It allows the customer to leverage the process management capability and best practices of an experienced SIAM provider
  • Outsourcing SIAM means flexibility of implementation as well as tried and tested integrator advice
  • Enforcement and adherence to the SIAM discipline by all participating parties i.e. customer, integrator and suppliers
  • Reduced retained staff need Enables easier separation of SIAM provider
  • Single point of visibility and control
  • Consistent governance, management and control


  • Added complexity if it’s not governed properly or if the retained organisation’s third-party suppliers do not support a collaborative culture through transparency
  • There could be resistance from suppliers to share their performance related
    oversights with the SIAM provider
  • Provision of additional contracts or OLAs between Service Integrator and third-party providers
  • Potential single point failure if wrong supplier selected
  • Longer lead time to deliver as required detailed specification